Little Nemo: The Dream Master

When I was in elementary school I play this game a lot.I like that you can feed a monster with candy and then take control of them.The music of this game is so good its kinda have special memory of my childhood


Back then this game one of coolest game that I ever played.You play as soldier, shooting enemy, fight enemy boss in the end of stage, change your weapon by take item a lot of cool stuff in Contra.I remember I played this game with my friend back then. 

Junggle Book

I think this game gameplay and graphic is quite good in compare to other nes game that I have played.This game is quite hard but it is a lot fun in this game.

Excited Bike

What I love about this game is In this game you can build your own track race.

Lunar Ball

It is a billiard game,I don’t into billiard but I like this game.

Mighty Final Fight

You play as one of three fighter Cody, Guy or Haggar then you fight enemy to rescue Mayor Haggar’s daughter, Jessica. 


This game based on anime/manga kinnikuman,althought I did not watch the anime or read the manga but I like play this game.My favorite character is the one that can shoot fire.Back when I was in elementary school I play this game with my friends.


In this game you play as wolverine from x-men to fight enemy a long the way.In this game there are several secret room that provide you with bonuses.


Galaga is space shooting game


The fun part about this game you can upgrade your bomb and your character by take bonuses.My mom play this game too back then.