Since I was a kid I like to play video game such as Nintendo,Playstation.Here my favorites Playstation 2 games.


You ride a bike down to the montain and you can also punch,kick or throw bottle at your opponent.You can also do a freestyle on your bike.In this game you can customize your bike

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer)

It is a soccer game, althought I don’t into soccer but I like to play this game because a lot of my friends play this game.Mostly every saturday after school me with some of my friends play this game together.I like to trash talk while playing this game with my friends.

Digimon Rumble Arena 2

I played this game a lot when I was middle school.You can evolve your digimon and use your digimon ability it is so much fun

GTA San Andreas

When I play GTA San Andreas mostly I just do random thing instead of play for the main story.I use cheat code to do random thing such as make car flying,shoot random people on the street,ride a tank,change the weather etc

Tekken 5

In Playstation 1 I like to play Tekken 3 so when I play Playstation 2 I play Tekken 4 and 5.Tekken is one of best fighting game in my opinion


This game so cool for me back then,but it is hard to play fps game with console instead of mouse and keybord.The sad thing is I never finish this game

Smack Down vs Raw

When I was in elementary school me and my friends rent a Playstation 2 and play this game a lot.I rarely lost in this game.This game bring so much memory of my childhood